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To make your stay as pleasant as possible, we have collected some important information which might be useful to know during your stay: 

Check in: From 4pm 

Check Out: Before 11am 

General, Personal Safety and Hygiene

  • Every guest is entitled to a free bedding and a towel.
    After a 7 day stay, the towel and bedding can be replaced free of charge. These towels are strictly prohibited at the pool. Beach towels can be offered to you as an option at 2€/day.

  • We do not hold responsibility for personal injuries of our guests. 

  • Drugs and weapons are strictly forbidden on the premises of the guesthouse. If found we are entitled to confiscate them and call the police. 

  • Please always carry the key to your rooms with you. A lost key will incur a charge of 15€. 

  • No visitors are allowed in the guesthouse if the staff isn't aware of the visitors. 

  • If you did not pay and check in you are not allowed to stay the night in the guesthouse. 

  • The room you booked will be waiting for you until 9 pm in the evening. If you do not arrive until 9 pm and you don’t notify us in advance, this will count as if you cancelled the booking and the room may be rented to another guest. We can charge you the whole amount of the booking. In case of a late arrival without the notification in advance we will try to offer you an accommodation within the available capacities. 

  • We ask you not to damage, remove or change the layout of the furniture in the rooms. For every deliberate damage or removal, we will claim the compensation for the cost of the damage.

  • Be sure to strictly use toilet paper in all toilets in the house. For the rest, appropriate waste bins are at your disposal.

  • Our guesthouse does not hold responsibility for the loss, theft or damage to your personal belongings. 

  • Guests under 18 years old cannot book a room.   

Payment and Cancellation Policies

A security deposit of 400€ is required. This must be received (cash payment) upon check-in.

The deposit is NOT applied to the rent; however, it is fully refundable upon departure, provided the following rules are met:

  • No damage is caused to the property or its contents, beyond normal wear and tear.

  • No damage to the sewer system due to any use other than toilet paper.

  • No charges are incurred due to illegal activity, pets or the collection of rent or services rendered during the stay.

  • All keys are left at the property.

  • All charges accrued during the stay are paid prior to departure.

  • No laundry is lost or damaged.

  • The tenant is not evicted by the owner (or his representative) or local law enforcement. ​


A deposit of 50% of the rent is required to secure the reservation, which results in the blocking of dates online. The balance of the remaining amount of rent must be paid up to two weeks before arrival.



Cancellations made more than (30) days before the arrival date are free of charge. Cancellations made (14 to 30) days prior to arrival date are subject to a 50% cancellation fee Cancellations made less than (14) days prior to arrival date are subject to a 100% cancellation fee. ​



The maximum number of guests is limited to (11) people.

Rental Conditions

  • At the time of rental the guest will have to sign a term of responsibility. 

  • The guest should always use the material for its purpose and maintain its good conservation and safety of the same. If by any chance the guest damage the equipment, the guest must notify the Oceantree Guesthouse immediately and will be responsible for the damage made. The guest will be charged the value of the damage.  

  • The guest is responsible to have his/her own insurance covering personal accident which can accrue during use of rented equipment or the pool leaving the full responsibility to the client. For cases not covered by these rules, the parties shall be governed by applicable law. 

Fire Safety

  • Smoking is forbidden on the premises. 

  • The use of electric heaters, stoves and other devices that produce heat in the rooms is forbidden. 

  • In the case of deliberate and/or unnecessary activation of the fire alarm, or if the alarm is activated because of smoking or forbidden electric devices, you will be charged with the cost of the fire intervention. 

The owner and staff have the right to check the following of house rules at any time without the permission of the guests. 
Failure to comply with the guesthouse Rules and Regulations could result in: 

  • Cost of the damage caused 

  • Your dismissal from the guesthouse without recompense 

  • Notifying the authorities 

If you need additional information or explanation, please contact us. 

Electronic Equipment

  • For safety reasons, the fireplace in the living room should not be touched or used by any guest.  

  • Oven: Turn the control on the left to choose the temperature (Celsius) and the right one for heating options. Be aware, that the glass might be warm. 

  • Coffee machine Nespresso®: Plug the power in and wait for the green constant light. Check the water and turn the Power bottom on. Introduce one capsule at a time and place your cup below. 

Outside Area

  • Pool, SPA (in option) & Sportfield: Use only from 8am to 10pm.  

  • Please keep the gate closed. 

  • Hang wet towels at its proper place 

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